Twenties and Me

About Me

After studying a Classics degree for four years, I have now graduated from the University of Warwick with First Class Honours. This even involved flinging myself to Melbourne, Australia for a study year abroad – which I absolutely loved!

During these four years, life was just as occasionally difficult as it was wonderful in the university bubble. When I look back at my time of university, one of the highlights was definitely trying out student radio, which I did for over half of my degree at RAW 1251AM. It was where I made a lot of my friends, it’s where I made some of my best memories and also made me realise what I really wanted to do with my life – I want to work in Media. So after all of that, I am now trying to navigate “real life” in my quest to get a job in the industry.

Therefore, “Twenties and Me” is a blog which focuses on life in my twenties, as unpredictable and confusing as it may be! Why not join me for the ride?

During this journey, I will be talking about the following on “Twenties and Me”:

  • Tips and life hacks in general (I love hacks)
  • Make up and skincare
  • Job hunting and finance
  • Travel
  • Film and TV.