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Be The Future’s Vegan Market in Stoke Newington

Twice a year, Abney Public Hall in Stoke Newington is home to a fab vegan market, hosting a bunch of exciting enterprises that produce handmade, vegan and eco-friendly products. During the first weekend of November, it was the turn of healthy and vegan market organisers Be The Future to host the Vegan Market, with loads of wonderful small businesses driven by ingenuity, sustainability and well-being.

So, without a further ado, lets have a look at some of the vendors at the Stoke Newington Vegan Market!

Finding new and waste-reducing ways to grow sprouts with Sproutd 

Sproutd sprouts vegan Ratna Bhusal

Let’s start with some food!

Sprouts, high in protein, vitamin C and folate, are a wonderful component of healthy diets. In a society where many are trying to eat healthier and care for the environment while doing so, finding new ways to eat and produce sprouts are always welcomed.

Founder Ratna Bhusal started Sproutd from her passion for experimenting with fresh ingredients. Sproutd’s products have been made through processes that produce much less waste, leaving you with more great sprouts to enrich your smoothies, dips and deserts! Their process has also concentrated the benefits of each of the ingredients in comparison to eating the greens as they are.

An example of one of their packs is the Sprout powered Sulforaphane, a compound which is found in broccoli and kale. By sprouting this, the sulforaphane content is multiplied by 10, giving you 10x the benefits of the compound. These benefits include the strengthening of the immune system and preventing cell damage!

It was so lovely to chat to Ratna and her husband Sidharth, who have been spending over the past year developing Sproutd. It was also their first vegan market appearance, so it will be interesting to see where Sproutd heads next!  Check out the website, where you can find more info and a collection of great recipes. You can also find Sproutd on Instagram!

Sproutd Ratna Bhusal sprouts SulforaphaneSproutd sprouts vegan Ratna BhusalSproutd sprouts vegan Ratna Bhusal

Value me time with PukScent and their soy wax melts

Puk Scent vegan candles soy wax melts vegan market stoke newington

In a time of increased stress and hectic lifestyles, it’s always nice to find an excuse to relax with some fab candles and wax melts. Creating these candles delights in her kitchen, PukScent owner Klaudia‘s crafts are kind to the planet and kind to people. The vegan, zero-waste and non-toxic wax melts can give people a chance to relax in a guilt-free manner. She also packages them in eco-friendly packaging with no plastic in site (hurrah!).

There are two main ranges: the wax melts can either work to help you relax or give you that boost of energy you so desperately need.

Klaudia also brought her lovely cat to the market! This did make me very happy. I love cats.

Check out PukScent‘s Etsy page here (I also love Etsy) and the Instagram account here.

Puk Scent vegan market soy wax melts

Reach your zen with Elm Rd

Elm Rd vegan candles and room fragrances Stoke newington vegan market

Moving from the spheres of business to a new-found passion of aromatherapy, Elm Rd. founder Miguel Ángel decided to create a calming and tantalising range of 100% natural vegan candles and room fragrances. The candles, made from soy wax and rapeseed, are paraffin-free and steer clear of any chemicals, additives or synthetic fragrances. Miguel also prioritises local ingredients to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. The result? A lovely collection of candles and room fragrances with well-being, sustainability and quality at their heart.

Check out Elm Road on their website and Instagram!

Vegan chocolate heaven with Gemini Chocolate 

gemini chocolate vegan stoke newington vegan market

Gemini Chocolate, founded by Samuel Chandler, creates award-winning organic and vegan chocolate to tantalise your tastebuds. Originally established in Yorkshire, Samuel then decided to get his brothers involved and move to West Dulwich. With the great slogan “chocolate to live for”, Gemini Chocolate is made with Peruvian Criollo cacao beans, which are then aged for up to two months to enhance their complex flavour. In order to sweeten the chocolate, Gemini also uses Palmyra Tree Blossom for its highly nutritious and unrefined composition. This means that Gemini Chocolate is both a brand which cares for people’s health and the environment.

It is definitely the nicest vegan chocolate I have ever tried! It is never too bitter and the range explores flavours that are great all year round. I especially enjoyed the Cardamom and Chilli chocolate and bought some at the vegan market to take home, along with the Peruvian Cacao bar. Yum!

gemini chocolate peruvian cacao vegan

Check out Gemini Chocolate via their website here and Instagram here.

Discovering the beauty of rosewater with Farah’s Rose Drops

Farah Diba Rose Drops rosewater stoke newington vegan marketRosewater Rose Drops Farah Diba stoke newington vegan market

Rosewater has been used since ancient times for its ability to strengthen and calm the mind, rejuvenate the skin, improve the digestive system and soothe headaches. It is also rich in vitamins A, C, D, E and B3, along with anti-oxidants and flavonoids. Founder Farah Diba’s Pure Organic Rose Drops rosewater acts both as a drink and as a skin-enhancing face mist. She distills it using a traditional copper distill, meaning it is undiluted and delicate – in all of its rich and natural goodness. I tried at as a face mist and it felt really nice on my skin.

Organic skincare and ingredients are more in demand now for their wide-reaching benefits, so I hope Farah’s organic rosewater really takes off!


You can find the Rose Drops website here and Instagram account here!

Embracing the 100% natural with soaps from Sop

Sop soap vegan handmade stoke newington vegan market Sop soap vegan handmade stoke newington vegan market







Working to save our planet one cool soap at a time, Sop produces a wonderful collection of hand-made and 100% natural soaps. They’re palm oil free, cruelty-free and created using only plant dyes and clays. The soaps are also packaged beautifully with compostable paper and string – making them lovely gifts for your friends and family.

These lovely soaps are a real labour of love for creator Kayla, who sometimes spends a few hours at a time just to fill the moulds of some of these soaps. The natural and hand-made feel is not only just better practice, but it also looks beautiful! Seeing all of the fluid patterns and varieties within one soap makes one just fascinating even to look at – and oh boy do they smell good…

Check out Sop‘s website here and the Instagram account here.

100% cotton clothes for kids by Badjelly Kids

stoke newington vegan market badjelly kids cotton kids clothing stoke newington vegan market badjelly kids cotton kids clothing

Want some handmade kids clothes? Then check out the Badjelly kids range on Etsy! At the heart of this brand is a clothes maker from Muswell Hill who creates 100% organic cotton clothes to prevent kids suffering from aggravating skin conditions such as eczema. These clothes are either OEKO-TEX standard (tested for harmful substances) or GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). And, even better, if you can’t find the exact size you want, then Badjelly kids also offers a made to order service!

Check out the Etsy page here! 

Be good on the go with Huski Home 

huski home rice husk reusable travel cups biodegradable sustainable stoke newington vegan market

Huski Home is a family-run company that creates biodegradable travel cups and lunch boxes from rice husk. With sustainability as their top priority, they have ingeniously created coffee cups that are 100% from recyclable materials and act to promote using rice husk as the perfect alternative to plastic. Want even better news? These travel cups keep drinks warm for approx. 90 minutes!

It’s always great to see more and more alternatives to plastic. Seeing these products really opened my eyes to the creative ways people are moving from plastic to more sustainable materials.

They also have really cool lunch boxes!

Check out Huski Home‘s website here. 

Healthy and Vegan friendly snacks by Oh Lily! 

oh lily! healthy snacks water lily seeds vegan friendly stoke newington vegan market

oh lily! snacks water lily seeds vegan friendly stoke newington vegan market healthy snacks

I am always on the lookout for healthier and more natural snacks, so I was very happy when I stumbled across Oh Lily! at the market. Water lily seeds are a great source of fibre, magnesium and protein, already highly renowned in India for their nutritional value. During their stay there, sisters Dewi and Gov discovered the snack potential for these seeds, inspiring them to create this wonderful range back in the UK. The range consists of French and Asian-inspired superfood snacks with health and the environment at their heart. In addition, they contain zero sugar, are gluten free and contain all natural ingredients.

oh lily! snacks water lily seeds vegan friendly stoke newington vegan market healthy snacks


With samples at hand, I especially enjoyed trying the Indian Gold and French Riviera snacks, which had tumeric & black pepper and paprika & herbs as flavours respectively. I will certainly be taking these to work!

Check out the Oh Lily! website here and Instagram account here!

Quennie Organics: great for skin, and even greater for the world around you

queenie organics vegan organic and palm-oil free skincare dry skin combination skin stoke newington vegan market jc

There is something special about this skincare brand: it is the only skincare brand in the UK that is organic, vegan AND palm-oil free! Queenie Organics was founded by JC who, driven by his passion for effective skincare and sustainability, has created a brilliant range to cater to dry, sensitive and combination skin types.

queenie organics vegan skincare organic palm oil-free dry combination skin jc stoke newington vegan market

I often struggle with the latter, so I bought a sample of the Melia Rose SC moisturiser which felt really soft and light on my skin. It is actually a great example of the quality and purpose of the brand, as it has an organic Safflower oil base and also has the highest content of Linoleic acid which works to break up blackheads and unclogs pores – a godsend for combination skin issues. The cream is also rich in organic Evening Primrose, Rosehip seed and Hemp seed oil which have antioxidants and help stimulate collagen. That is all music to my ears!


Check out the Queenie Organics website here, where you can check out more about JC’s journey in creating this range. And click here for the Instagram account!

Reinventing the deodorant with Cacao Pow Deo Bar

cacao pow deo bar natural deodorant vegan stoke newington vegan market

The creation of the Cacao Pow Deo Bar was spurred on by the need for aluminium-free deodorants, which would counteract the skin aggravations caused by its aluminium counterparts. Hence, the great ingredients of Cacao Butter, Bicarbonate of Soda and Zinc Oxide makes it a much kinder alternative to aluminium ones. Also, it not only improves on issues such as these, but the bar also smells lovely and lasts for six months, reducing waste to a minimum. Happy days!

Check them out on their website and on Instagram!

And that’s not all! Fundraising for Stokey Cats… and dogs

The excellent print services from YAY ldn were also found at the event, showcasing their fab range and giving you the chance to print your own tote bag for £10!

YAY ldn printing services dalston london

A percentage of YAY’s proceedings also went to Stokey Cats… and dogs, who go out of their way to help find and re-home lost and abandoned cats and dogs in Stoke Newington and the surrounding areas. They also had a great stand to fundraise for themselves, with beautifully-created Christmas cards and some lovely success stories. It was lovely to see the journey the cats have gone on from being injured or ill to being healthy and happy. For more information about Stokey Cats… and dogs, or to donate, click here. 

stokey cats and dogs rescue cats fundraising fostering lost and abandoned pets stoke newington vegan market

Their stand also had some amazing raw vegan brownies from Olivia Bakes!

olivia bakes raw vegan chocolate brownies

Thanks for reading!

The next Vegan Market in Stokey is going to be a Xmas one! It will be held at The Gallery next to Stoke Newington Library on December 14th from 11am to 4pm. If this post has enticed you even the tiniest bit, I definitely would check it out!

Thanks to Be The Future for hosing a great market over the weekend! Follow Be The Future on Instagram here.

You can also read a post from last year, where I covered a vegan market from the summer of 2018. Click here to check that out!

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