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The Degusta Box Review: October

Hello and welcome to my second Degusta box review! Having received my first Degusta Box last month, I decided to keep writing about upcoming boxes! Who wouldn’t love receiving a big box of food and drink every month?

For some background, the Degusta Box contains 10-15 full-size food and drink items. You receive the box monthly, and altogether it costs just £12.99 a month including delivery. They promise to give you a box which is worth more than what you pay, and with the October box, they certainly kept their promise on that. The products in the October box all come up to a decent value of £37!

Degusta Box Review


Degusta box drinks

Firstly, there were some great drinks in the box. My favourite definitely had to be the Real Hot Chocolate Coins from Pip’s. This high quality, gluten and nut-free drinking chocolate has been hand-made in Wales since 2015, resulting a delicious range of hot chocolate coins. Although not included in this box, the range also includes vegan and low sugar options! Yay!

Other drink items also included the Blood Orange and Mandarin Protein Water from Upbeat Drinks and a lovely selection of wellbeing Tea from Tick Tock. These caffeine-free teas are perfect after a long day at work or when you want a lovely drink to relax with. I definitely needed some more caffeine-free teas – so this was perfect! And the antioxidant-rich and tasty ingredient of rooibos makes it even better.


Degusta box snacks subscription

Along with the Boost + Protein being perfect for that mid-afternoon snack, Garlic & Parsley Mediterranean Baked Snacks by Snatt’s come in a big bag and would be perfect with some sour cream or salsa! The Shots Chocolate & Hazelnut snacks from Whitworths feature a mix of nut, fruits and seeds. For more healthier snacks galore, there are also the fresh Broccoli crisps by Growers Garden.

I am so ready to take these into the office!

Other food items

Degusta box food

Clarks Original Maple Syrup has 45% less sugar than its syrup counterparts and is great on pancakes! And, for your coffees, hot chocolates and bakes, the Chocolate and Vanilla Gourmet Drops  are great alternatives to sugar heavy syrups (because it’s sugar free!).

Yet, the condiments don’t even stop there. Along with this, we have full-size jars of Tartare Sauce and Mustard (infused with honey!)

Finally, Amy’s Kitchen has a wonderful range of vegetarian food. The organic Italian vegetable soup has also been included in the October Degusta box. Packed with chickpeas, vegetables, brown rice and mushrooms with some lovely Italian herbs, its ingredients make it great for a hearty lunch.

Final verdict?

The Degusta Box is quite something. Yes, you might not like EVERY item in the box, and individually the items don’t cost that much at all. However, the sheer quantity of food and drink items you receive is well worth the price. Also, I definitely preferred the October box to the September box – and to be honest, that was mostly due to all the hot chocolate, tea and low-sugar alternatives to certain treats.

Thanks for reading my review! But that’s not all – want some more good news? You can get an exclusive deal on your first box! You can get it for just £7.99 (down from £12.99!) via this link.If any of these goods entice you, then you can get the October box until 1st November  – from then, the November box will be available.

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