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Birchbox Review: The October Box

Hello and welcome to my first Birchbox review! And even though this is my first review, I have actually been a Birchbox subscriber for over 8 months. I am a big fan of the beauty products they surprise me with in their monthly edits, and I think it is really worth the money you pay for it (£12.95 a month). For example, in this month’s Birchbox, I received five products that were worth over £50 altogether.

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For October, Birchbox decided to inspire subscribers to Reach for the Stars with makeup, skincare and haircare to add volume, vibrancy and sparkle to your beauty routines. So let’s have a look at what was inside!

Birchbox october beauty

All eyes on me

The October Birchbox contained so many great eye beauty products. from smudge-proof eyeliners to mascaras and eye masks. First of all, I received the Ciate London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner – which did a great job of not smudging when I wore it out a few nights ago. It was also very easy to apply, which was a godsend because I am absolutely useless in applying eyeliner. Secondly, there was also a great mascara. The exclusive Marcelle Xtension Curl Mascara is quick-drying and bold – which is what you want with a mascara really. It certainly seems drier than my previous mascara, but this could be a good thing too! Thirdly, for when you want to give your eyes a rest, the Evening Goggle Eye Mask from Vitamasques is so soothing. It’s great for a pamper evening and was a great pick.

You can probably tell I am quite happy with the box in this Birchbox review!

Other products included

There were also great products for the skin and hair. For voluminous and healthier hair, there was the Body Building Voluminising Shampoo by Phillip Kingsley. I have used the elasiciser from them before and liked it, so I was happy to receive another Phillip Kingsley. Sadly, my hair does not require more volume! I also received another primer – in the name of In Transit Camera Close-Up by This Works. What is cool about this one is that it can also be used as a moisturizer and mask! 

Final verdict? 

I really liked the October Birchbox edit for its mask and eyeliner. However, I have received similar products to the majority of those in this box and therefore there wasn’t much that was new. The boxes I really like possesses the types of products I don’t yet have. The September box was so good because I had a highlighter, a new moisturiser and a cool soap and more. I am looking forward to the November edit!

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Stay tuned next month for another Birchbox review!

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