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The Degusta Box Review: September

Hello and welcome to my first food and drink review! Now you know I love a good subscription box, and having heard about the Degusta Box from a few readers, I decided to check it out. Also, who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a surprise (and substantial) box of snacks, drinks and cooking ingredients each month? I would have absolutely loved this at uni…

For some background, the Degusta Box contains 10-15 full-size food and drink items. You receive the box monthly, and altogether it costs just £12.99 a month including delivery. They promise to give you a box which is worth more than what you pay, and with the September box, they certainly kept their promise on that. The products in the September box all come up to a decent value of £22.35!

Cooking ingredients

The September box included a box of risotto rice from Riso Gallo, a full-size tube of garlic paste from Very Lazy and a fab tub of Zhoug Pesto from Epicure. This one contains zhoug (or zhug), which is a hot sauce used in Yemeni cuisine, so it also packs a nice little kick! Big fan of that. I graduated from university this summer, and I basically spent the last three months living on pesto (I know a lot of us do…). It was also the term where I learned how to make risotto for the first time, so I will definitely be cooking risotto at home soon! Garlic paste also comes in very handy. I’m really looking forward to trying these for my meal prep! 


And the box doesn’t just stop at food. It also contains drinks! This one contained the Sparkling Alcohol Free Rose from Eisberg (containing hints of cherry and strawberry) and a one-litre-bottle of Lucozade Orange! 


Now we come to what was definitely the most substantial part of the box: snacks! I am certainly a guilty snacker when I’m at work, so I can always do with different snacks to try. The box includes: 3 Strawberry Jelly Pots from Hartley’s, 2 packs of MILKYBAR buttons (30g each), Fruit Bites (peach and berry) from CHUM, 2 Alpen Protein Bars (Berries and Yogurt / Chocolate), 2 cereal bars from Boka (which are low in sugar, low in fats, low in salt and also under 100 calories!) and Yummy Bakes from Appy Kids Co.

Final verdict?

The Degusta Box is quite something. Yes, you might not like EVERY item in the box, and individually the items don’t cost that much at all. However, the sheer quantity of food and drink items you receive is well worth the price. You receive a box that is worth almost double what you paid for it, and it really does give you the chance to try out different items.

Looks like I will be ordering more in future!

Thanks for reading my review! But that’s not all – want some more good news? You can get an exclusive deal on your first box! You can get it for just £7.99 (down from £12.99!) by using the code DEGUSTA5 via this link. If any of these goods entice you, then you can get the September box until 1st October  – from then, the October box will be available.

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